Thursday, February 28, 2008


Lost. So, a lot of people watch Lost. They keep telling me to watch.

"You'll like it"
"It's your kind of show"
"Why don't you watch it"
"That's not a good excuse"
"Why are you wearing that dress" (oops, wrong conversation)

Anyhoo, I borrowed a couple of DVD's, and Mugs and I watch an episode or two a night this week. We've watched 5 episodes, and it's pretty good. It's not the best show ever, and I can't imagine being obsessed with it. The 'scary' stuff is well done for a small budget, tho it feels hokey at times.

One thing to learn from the movie, if you're on a plane with models and 90% very attractive people your plane is going down. And you won't be one of the survivors. Just get off the flight now. It's like being an ensign on an away team.

Terminator is still good, not really watching a lot of other TV besides poker.

I should be seeing something in the theaters tonight, hasta for now.

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