Monday, February 25, 2008

Alien vs Predator : Requiem

AvP:r. I like these kinds of movies. My mom doesn't get to watch them often, so I watched it in DC with me mom. I've seen all of the movies leading up to, Predator I & II. The Alien series, even AvP the first one. My mom has seen very few of these.

The movie opens with some good monster vs monster action. The problem was that the movie is very dark, and these aliens looks a little too much like Predator. Seriously, they really could have differentiated them a little more for me(and me ma).

Action, action. If you are attached to any of the characters in the movie, human or otherwise, I hope you can handle loss. Almost everyone dies, big wipey outtie. There's some very cool monster action, and some very bad human acting. No famous people(which is sometimes a good thing) makes it seem like no one wanted to be in this film.

Overall, fairly disappointing, but not as bad as I expected. See it on TV

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