Monday, February 18, 2008

The Martian Child

The Martian Child. You might ask why someone who just watched Rambo is watching a cute coming of age tale about adopting a strange child. Well, I think I'll watch anything with John Cusack in it. He's a cool fella. Doesn't everyone love him? No, it's just me? Oh well. This film also features his always-overacting-but-somehow-makes-it-work sister(Joan), who seems to be featured in more and more of his films. Often as his sister.

Strange widower, strange kid. Adopt each other, hijinx ensue. Amanda Peet plays the understated love interest. It's nice that they don't push it. The kid is cute, and you are rooting for him to get along with Cusack(John).

We see their troubles, how they each learn to fill their place in a family, and deal with reality and other peoples' expectations. The movie is pretty well done, and doesn't do anything annoying. Watch it if you are in the right mood(for kind of sappy).

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