Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder. It looks funny, people liked it, great cast. How can it go wrong? I just watched it for the second time, and it didn't. It went right.
We start off with a few fake previews, a la Grindhouse, which well done. Then we get into the meat. Big stars are getting together to make a movie. sounds plausible, and it's what's really happening.
So what's good about TT? Jack Black is hilarious. I guess if you don't like Jack Black shtick, you might not be amused, but he cracks me up every time. Run around in your underwear, throw out non sequiturs, you had me at hello. Robert Downey Jr, terrific. You'll need a few viewings to actually listen to everything he spouts, and you'll be chuckling about it after. His character is outrageous, and unique IMO.
Steve Coogan isn't around for too long, but I love to see him. I wish he was my upstairs neighbor. If you haven't heard of Alan Partridge, you need to check him out. Soon, please. Danny McBride reprises his character(the inimitable Kenny Powers) from Eastbound & Down, who is kick ass and over the top.
What's not great about this movie? Well, you can tell Ben Stiller directed it. You can tell because he has himself do things that you might not otherwise cast a terribly terribly physically awkward person to do. Every time I see him run I want to slap him. Hard. Finally, Tom Cruise. Or rather the reaction to Tom Cruise. I actually really like poor Tommy. He was born in my home town, and I'm still behind him. But saying he was the best part of the movie is just ridiculous. And anyone who says they didn't know Les was TC, you're an idiot. Seriously. I'm done(don't get me started on the Jewface controversy). Watch it.

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