Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Doubt. This movie has had some buzz for a while. It was nominated for academy awards before it even came out, has a strong cast, and no one seemed to know anything about it. Then it kind of went away. I had a chance to watch it, and most of my alternatives were horror movies so I went with it.

Priests. Nuns, catholic school. Strictness, religious services. I see. Meryl Streep is convincingly scary, Amy Adams is adorable and naive. Philip Seymour-Hoffman is ... well ... weird? I'm a big fan of PS-H. His range constantly impresses me. But he's weird in Doubt. I don't think it's just how his character is supposed to be, I think it's a bad role for him. The children were pretty unremarkable, as I guess they were supposed to be. There was a brief, slightly stirring scene involving Viola Davis, and I always like to see Ray Finkle's mother getting work.
Overall, the movie didn't really stand out to me. It was pretty boring, and took me a while to finish as I kept falling asleep. I'd say stay away unless you have a specific reason to watch it.

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