Friday, August 14, 2009

Sex and the City

Sex AND the City. I always call it Sex in the city. That's basically what it is. The loving wife recently watched this clunker while I was at work. Since I'll never watch it, I asked her to review it. Here we go :

"I recently watched 'Sex and the City: The Movie,' long after it's release for two reasons: 1) I was alone at home and 2) it was free on HBO. The alone part is necessary because my husband makes rude noises during the show(and most of the time for that matter - but it's worse during the show). The free part is because I am both cheap when it comes to movies and unemployed.

I give this movie a check-minus-minus. The writing was awful, the plot was boring, the characters seemed less interesting than in the series, and overall it was soul-less. Although I didn't think the TV series was extraordinarily relevant or compelling, at least it entertained me for a full hour. The movie was over 2 hours and didn't hold my attention for half of that.

Picture it: Manhattan, 2008. The movie begins by showing highlights of the sexual exploits of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte's lives and the fairytale romantic ending each found at the close of the cable series in 2004.

That's where it stopped being interesting. The writing had the depth and color of a script penned by frat boys asked to write about four women. Only their research material was limited to daytime's The View, O Magazine, and Harlequin romance novels. The movie had one non-white character who said sassy things like "Love is The Thing," and a montage of the ladies drinking and playing dress-up. Even the fashion, a highlight of the TV series, was boring in that the 4 fashionistas appeared to wear the same clothes as in 2004.

Skip "SATC: The Movie", even if it's free and you have no job."

Well done mugs :)

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